Motorcycle Insurance

Most owners and operators of motorcycles are enamored with the freedom they feel while riding. Safe driving techniques can still result in accidents. There are specific insurance policies that handle all of the needs of motorcycles.

What Is Motorcycle Insurance?

Insurance policies for motorcycles are designed to cover the expenses accrued from accidents involving a motorcycle, whether it involves another vehicle, pedestrians or damage to property, or merely damages the insured cycle. The amounts paid will depend on many factors, including the type of coverage, policy agreements and circumstances of the accident. It can alleviate the expense of reimbursing for medical costs, property repairs and vehicle replacements.

Who Is This Insurance For?

Insurance coverage for motorcycles can include many different makes, models, and types of motorcycle, off-road bikes, or equipment.

You can get coverage for:

Cruising bikes
Off-road dirt bikes, and more

How Does it Work?

You pay a monthly premium to gain the desired coverage for your motorcycle. You must purchase a policy that meets all of the requirements of your state in order to allow the motorcycle to be legally operated on the roadways. All claims are submitted to the provider, which will be assessed and payments made when found to be covered.

Different Types of Coverage

Liability – Basic liability coverage will help cover the costs of damage to other vehicles and property if you are involved in an accident that is your fault.

Collision and Comprehensive – Collision and comprehensive coverage will help pay for the repairs and replacement of your motorcycle.

Medical – This coverage will help with the cost of medical expenses for those involved in an accident with your motorcycle.

Uninsured/Underinsured – Getting involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist can leave you at a huge financial loss. Carrying this type of coverage will ensure you are taken care of no matter what.

Extra Coverage – Our Motorcycle policy allows for customized items tailored to YOUR needs. Call our team of professional agent today to make sure your bike is properly covered.

Carrying insurance is a requirement, but motorcycle insurance is also a way to protect your investment. It is an inexpensive way to know you will have the ability to be financially protected in cases of accidents.

Contact an insurance professional today and find out more about motorcycle coverage.

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