Homeowners Insurance

A family home is often a person’s biggest investment. There are numerous ways that a home might be damaged. That is why it is important for all homeowners to have a homeowners insurance policy in place to protect against hazards.

What Is Homeowner’s Insurance?

Home insurance is a type of insurance that covers three basic types of situations. If your home is damaged by a storm, water from a leaking pipe, or through an act of vandalism, your insurance policy would assist in covering the loss.

Another coverage offered through this type of insurance is protection for the contents of your home both on and off-premises. Many people don’t realize that it is coverage through a home policy that compensates for items stolen out of a vehicle or personal items that were stolen at another location.

Home insurance also protects the insured against various forms of liability. For instance, if a visitor to your home falls and is injured, your insurance policy may provide coverage for you if you are determined to be at fault. Home policies also provide liability protection if your pet bites and injuries another person.

Different Types of Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance policies all come with a deductible that you will choose depending on how much you want to pay out of pocket in the event of a loss. As a general rule, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium paid.

If financially possible, all homeowners should purchase a home policy to protect against the many potential causes of losing a home that may face over their lifetime.

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